Saturday 26 K 2 2013 14:24 GMT
Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Mayor of Fallujah said Saturday that investigations are still going on about the confrontations that took place yesterday between Iraqi army forces and demonstrators in the city, revealed the existence of "infiltrators among the demonstrators set these confrontations."
The city of Fallujah in Anbar province, on Friday, killing five people and wounding 31 people, including a cameraman Sumerian in clashes between troops and demonstrators Fallujah.

Adnan Hussein explained to Alsumaria that "there is a preliminary investigation conducted by the Police Directorate of Fallujah to see the repercussions of events in the city of Fallujah yesterday."
Hussein continued that "the people of Fallujah and since the outbreak of demonstrations in Anbar province did not have any accident of this kind," revealing that "there are infiltrators among the demonstrators, which led to clashes between them and Iraqi military forces."
And on the incidence of kidnapping and killing members of the military forces between Hussein "did we receive any information about the get cases of abduction or killing among members of the army."
A source in Anbar province, police said, earlier on Friday (25 January 2013), that the Iraqi army troops fired in the air to disperse demonstrators in Fallujah in response to throwing stones, preventing them from going to the Square sit-east of the city.