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Thread: A minor change on the CBI site, but it is a change aye?

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    A minor change on the CBI site, but it is a change aye?

    ok as if it not hard enough as it is already to sort out all the fog on this entire epic evolution, those Guru peeps do occasionally hit on a valid point or two, or event every so often. This is between the daily predictions of the RV has already happened last Tuesday before last stories.

    Well they made a valid observation actually now............... on the CBI web site something has changed, be it a minor cosmetic change yes, but a change never the less.

    On the CBI home page, we see at the lower portion the IQD exchange rates as normal, but the format has changed.

    What had been at the top of the list all this time....... US Dollar = 1190, now reads differently, as now US Dollar = 1190.000........... they added 3 decimal places, with 3 zero's now???

    This may just to be consistent with the other value formats, listed below after the US Dollar value..............

    ...........or maybe not? The speculation here could be that they are preparing to make small incremental adjustments and needed to have an additional text format with enough characters to show the new values ahead?

    Anyway this can at least be accounted as some kind of change and or progress aye?
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    ​that might mean " Fils"

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