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arliamentary Committee: the success of the work of the Anti-Corruption Council linked to its members .. must be coordinated with ParliamenT

06:28 - 31/01/2019

Special - balance News
confirmed that the Strategic Planning Committee and the follow - up to the government program, on Thursday, the need for coordination with the Council of Representatives on the work of the Anti - Corruption Council , which announced its formation Prime Minister Adel Abdul - Mahdi, while noting that the success of his work is linked to the nature of its members.
"Abdul-Mahdi announced the formation of a higher anti-corruption council, which has become a culture in government departments and needs a real war and a firm will to combat it," member of the committee Nasser Turki said in an interview with Mawazine News. "The success of the work of the anti-corruption council is linked to its chosen parties, .
He added that "there is a need to be members of this Council of personalities that have a history of Musharraf and is not suspected of corruption and non-partisan and no harm to be some of the deputies who meet the conditions and specifications."
Turki called for "the removal of this Council from the political and sectarian encroachments, because it is a council linked to accountability of corruption and its members must be away from the pressures of political blocs and parties."
He pointed out that "the government should work with the House of Representatives to coordinate on the work of the Anti-Corruption Council, so that there is no intersection in efforts to eliminate corruption."
On the actual need of Iraq to such a council in the presence of the Integrity Commission and the offices of the inspectors general, Turki said: "As I said the success of any institution linked to members and will, and the availability of these two qualities can be a completely different Council in reducing corruption."