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Thread: ISX Holidays 2019

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    ISX Holidays 2019

    The holidays in 2019,Iraq Stock Exchange will not hold the trading sessions:

    1-Every Friday and Saturday is formal Holiday.
    2-New Year's Day on Tuesday 1/1/2019.
    3-The Army Day on Sunday6/1/2019.
    4-NowruzDay on Thursday21/3/2018.
    5-The world Labor Day on Wednesday 1/5/2019.
    6-Eid Al-Fatter start on (4,5,6/6/2019) .
    7-The Iraq National day on Sunday14/7/2019.
    8-Eid Al-Adha start on (11,12,13,14/8/2019).
    9-The Islamic new year Saturday 31/8/2019.
    10-The Tenth of Mohram Monday 9/9/2019.
    11-The prophet of Mohammed Birthday Saturday9/11/2019.
    12-The Victory day on Tuesday 10/12/2019.
    13-The Christmas Day 25/12/2019.

    And if there any sudden holiday in future we will let you know asap.

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    ​Thanks for the updates!

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