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Thread: has something happened?

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    has something happened?

    Not that I am one to speculate, but I am seeing a "flurry" of reports on U-Tube, and those silly Gurus post that they report multiple confirmations of an "in country rate" that 35 IQD equals 100 USD, which translates in an exchange rate of roughly 2.86 USD equals 1 IQD. The Gurus report this every other day so that can be discounted, but the secondary reports independently of the Gurus on U-tube and dinar detectives seem to indicate some reasonable suspicions that something may have occurred.

    There is no such data on the CBI site, and the IQD currency web sites such as Safe Dinar and Dinar Trade continue to function as if nothing has changed, as I would wager if anything might happen they would be the first to know and immediately cease all sales.

    any thoughts here?
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    Fake News ?

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