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Thread: Gulf Commercial Bank

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    Gulf Commercial Bank

    Nice to see Al Karmal working hard for me.....

    Dear Sir, Good day .....

    According to Gulf Commercial Bank request, and in order to deposit you dividend check of BGUC to your account with karmal you need the fowling process:-

    1- Sign the attached authorization

    2- Send a color copy of your passport

    3- The both authorization and passport copy must be send to Gulf Commercial Bank mail address shown below and cc to Karmal brokerage mail

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    is this the typical process for al Karmal each time there is a dividend?

    as one would assume if you already have gone through this process to open and have an existing account they would already have this information on file yes?

    as in the past with Warka ( long ago and far away now ) they would automatically post any such dividend into an account, with out asking for this documentation again each time.
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    I assume since this was a form from Gulf Commercial that they are the ones requesting my ID. A few months ago I did the same for Baghdad soft Drinks.
    I remember those Warka Days... still have all my certificates, for what it was worth. Now everything is at Karmal with the exception of my Warka shares ( hopefully one day they can be transferred as well)

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