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Thread: what happen to this website?

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    what happen to this website?

    I remember back in 05 this site was so alive with so many different people looking to get rich... looks as if we all fell on our face and im SHOCKED this forum is still online... im happy about that... but it seems that this whole thing is a here kitty kitty kitty ... like a camel chasing the carrot.... were never going to 'get rich" are we... ill do one better... will we ever get our money out of warka or is this whole thing going to be a huge loss.. of time and energy as well as money? whats your thoughts?
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    I'm a believer something will work out in our favor. I still have a Warka bank account. I can't access my money at this time but when I do I will transfer it out. My stock (Warka shares) are in limbo. If they ever are on the ISX again I will sell And move on.
    The rest of my stocks are now with Al Karmal if the dinar RV's I will begin to cash out what I invested (for the past 13 years). I also still hold some physical currency.
    As I said before I am a believer something will workout...eventually. I hope in some way shape or form I will be able to get my money back out of this investment and them some.
    Best of luck to everyone who has been on this journey.
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