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Thread: Warka bank information

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    How many folks here have actually met Mr. I?

    I have....

    ...He was pushing the trolley in a supermarket.......while Elvis filled it.

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    When Egypt had a full on revolution and melt down of government and financial situation...the bank accounts were frozen for a while but eventually everything went back to normal. Perhaps we are in a similar situation.

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    Who knows really. I doubt Warka is a Nigerian scam!! Me thinks so many people were writing DC saying "when is there going to be a RV?", "My husband opened some sort of Iraq bank account and sent our money to this Warka", etc. that someone looked into it and said "We cannot have all these people getting in on the ground-floor using this bank". So they manufactured a series of obstacles and threw them into Warka's path in order to put them off balance and essentially us foreign investors!

    From Warka's side, it could very well be a case of: "CAN'T want to help us" instead of "DON'T want to help us"! ALL MY HUMBLE OPINION THOUGH!!!!!!

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