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Thread: IQD expected to rise by reserves and growth of economy

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    IQD expected to rise by reserves and growth of economy

    Iraqi Cabinet rules out replacing, omitting zeros from IQD in current phase; IQD expected to rise by reserves and growth of economy

    Posted: February 4, 2013 Monday, 04 February 2013 12:18
    Baghdad (AIN) -The Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers ruled out replacing the Iraqi currency or crossing out the zeros from it in this phase.
    A statement by the SG quoted its Secretary General, Ali al-Allaq, as saying “The project of replacing the Iraqi currency and omitting the three zeros from it was discussed in past period at the CoM where the Council stressed that this topic is not within the priorities of the Council since there is no problem in this respect.”

    “The Iraqi Government thinks that changing the currency needs suitable and stable circumstances,” he added confirming “This proposal will be given priority if the stable conditions are there.”

    “The price of the Iraqi Dinar is expected to rise against the US Dollar encouraged by the increase of the currency reserve accumulated at the Central Bank of Iraq in addition to the revival of the economic growth of Iraq,” Allaq concluded.

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    I'd prefer that they keep selling dollars for dinar until the dinar increases in value. Then when the dinar hopefully increases in value past the dollar or at least equal they won't need dump trucks to exchange dollars for dinar. JMO.

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    I see that dinars increase in value is quite difficult. We might have to wait for the RV for another decade, hopefully, it is sooner!
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