By Ali Mamouri for Al-Monitor.*Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.
New scandals pour more fuel on Iraq protests
The protests are escalating rapidly in Iraq, with the players moving fast and adding more fuel to an already burning region. This increasingly complex conflict is not just reshaping the country’s politics, but*affecting the entire region.
Every day a new scandal against the government comes up, most recently surrounding*documents revealed by The Intercept on Nov. 17 exposing*Tehran’s power in Iraq.*Unidentified militias shell the Green Zone every now and then, most recently on Nov. 17, threatening the US and Iraqi governments if the governments*take action*against the*militias.
The Iranians and Americans are*competing to shape Iraq’s future*and the*protesters are pushing to turn the entire political system upside down.
So, who is fighting whom and how are they moving their chess pieces*on the map of conflict?
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