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    Feb. items

    Three moves that take effect in Feb. 2020...

    Central bank Governors meeting at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a hub for central banks and other financial regulatory and supervisory authorities, made a number of appointments to lead key central bank groups.

    The appointment takes effect on 1 February 2020 for a three year-term.

    from the CBI Dec. 1

    The Central Bank of Iraq confirms that due to the expiry of the deadline granted to all merging companies under category ( A, B ), which amounts to (3) months to complete the requirements of granting the license to practice its activity as exchange companies, it was decided to give it another additional period for a period of (3) months to complete the requirements in addition to the merger.

    Dec. Jan. Feb. 2020


    in the interest of the Central Bank of Iraq to clarify the instructions and regulations for the declaration of money entering and leaving across the Iraqi borders.

    The Central Bank of Iraq / the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Council would like to announce the first amendment of the controls for declaring funds when they are entered or exited across the Iraqi borders, and published in the Iraqi Al-Waqa'iq newspaper, issue (4551) on August 19, 2019, before entering into force in February of 2020, to spare citizens and travelers legal accountability for the violations stipulated in those controls during the transfer of funds across borders .

    The Central Bank of Iraq
    information Office


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