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Thread: Dabbagh: "Maliki's son, Sinaid involved in corruption accompanying Russian armament

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    Dabbagh: "Maliki's son, Sinaid involved in corruption accompanying Russian armament

    Thursday, 07 February 2013 16:48
    Baghdad (AIN) –The former spokesperson of the government, Ali al-Dabbagh, accused Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki, the son of the Iraqi Prime Minister and Hassan al-Sinaid, the head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, of being "involved in the corruption accompanying the armament deals with Russia."
    The Russian Moscow News Agency stated that Dabbagh, who is currently visited the United Arab Emirates "Released dangerous statements regarding the involvement of Maliki's son in the corruption of the Iraqi-Russian armament deal," assuring that "Some of Maliki's advisors are involved in the corruption issues as well."
    The Agency quoted Dabbagh, as saying "I wanted to reveal the information that I have regarding the corruption in that deal, but I was fired and threatened," noting that "Maliki asked his media advisor to start a defaming campaign against me."
    "I do not have patience anymore and they have to think about it," he concluded. :dabbagh-malikis-son-advisors-sinaid-involved-in-corruption-accompanied-russian-armament-deals&catid=35olitical&Itemid=2Fmr

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    Like father, like son. No surprise here.

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    Just another despicable crook that needs to be 'tagged and bagged'.
    The POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama, (aka Barry Soetoro) continues to prove that he is now the MOTUS - Marxist of the USA with much more collateral damage yet to come.

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    Son can't make deal without dad's permission.
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