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    Guru Vital Brad

    Newshound Guru Vital Brad Article "Iraqi Stock Exchange decides to close the investor's hall until March 21." Not only did they close the hall but the actual trading sessions have been shut down until March 21. Does that seem a little odd? They're gonna open6 back up on March 21st which is Saturday going into Sunday. I've always heard that it's gonna happen {the RV} on a weekend. Interesting piece...Is it the coronavirus or something else going on?

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    ok ask GURU Vital brad the "NEWS HOUND".... how much skin he has in the ISX game?.......... as compared to some of us here aye?

    His experience in the ISX is zero......... I myself has seen some of his pod casts in the past and am simply not impressed, as his position just is an uninformed series of guess work and creates panic, and somehow relates his personel views of religion into the mix, as to the question about why the ISX has announced it is going to be closed is already known.

    Go ask GURU Brad hows the "REV CARD BIZZ" doing? and you will get a warm breeze up your skirt.............

    As its an already known scheduled holiday ( Summer/Spring holiday ) this weekend.......... ( yes its yet another holiday, go figure?? )

    Closed Wed -Holiday
    Closed Thur - Holiday
    Closed Fri - Regular day closed
    Closed Sat - Regular day closed
    Open Sunday -March 25th.

    I am now seeing as of today the ISX has indeed already announced today that it will stop trading when and why, as of close of bizz today from 3/17/20 until the 23rd.........
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    I told you April is the best month for ALL OF US

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