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Thread: " 333 " .... In 2013 !

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    " 333 " .... In 2013 !

    In the year 1680 , the world witnessed a truly amazing heavenly spectacle - a phenomenon which has since been commonly referred to as "The Great Comet ".

    Later this year, around late Summer/early Autumn we will be privileged to witness a sight, the like of which we have never seen before - a spectacle comparable to, (and possibly even surpassing) that of 1680.

    This will be the appearance of Comet C-2012 IS , known as Comet ISON , and by some estimates this will be around 16 TIMES brighter than a full moon.

    Like its 1680 predecessor, it will follow a similar orbital path through the solar system - and will by many accounts stretch across the sky, be visible even in broad daylight, and be with us for many months.

    Yes, exactly 333 years after "The Great Comet", ISON will in 2013 put on the most spectacular show in the heavens, since 1680 - even NASA says so !

    Google it, checkout the many YouTube videos, (including those of NASA) ..... and enjoy !
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    That's pretty cool thanks for sharing!

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