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Thread: Commercial Banks whopping 200% paid up offer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shardima View Post
    commercial bank are only offering 50% I have over over 20,000,000 shares in commercial bank through their own broker! so this 200% deal with warka is an attempt to raise capital i would think! anyones thoughts why the difference!
    Well I sent in an order for 200% paid up for Commercial and I only got 50% so not sure whats happened there.

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    Me too, Warka has been unavailable as far as answering emails.

    In my past dealings with them they were always prompt & courteous.

    I finally received my full portfolio last month after numerous requests, it was right on the money, that is a HUGE positive.

    I placed a buy order for Asiacell which I don't think got filled, I have sent NUMEROUS requests for another buy order or some sort of update as to my order confirmation have yet to get a reply.

    I'd like to get Asiacell and Zain in my portfolio, at that point I'll sit tight for another few years waiting for 50% retracements.

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    Me also,got 90million IQD to spend and plan 'A' is to buy max paid share offer on Warka,Basrah Baghdad banks,and 1 million shares each from Asia cell,Zain and Korek phone companies,and roll all the cash and profits for the next 4 years into my existing portfolio then cash all my chips in and retire early.

    Plan 'B' is to sell exiting portfolio,that would add 30million IQD not including existing Warka,Basrah shares
    to present 90mill=120=approx. $100,000=short good time.
    will make the tough decision this year.
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