Banker: the stock market rebound to enter the telecommunications companies have

27-03-2013 10:44 AM

Baghdad (news) .. Banking expert said Mohsen Ali, Zain and Asiacell Communications contributed to the promotion of activity of the Iraqi market for securities when they enter the market, calling for the need to encourage large companies to sell shares in the market.

Ali said (of the Agency news): The telecommunications companies is one of the companies that have large amounts of capital as a result of its guarantor of customers, my company's entry Asiacell and Zain to the stock market contributed to activate the movement of the market and support the process of stock trading.

He added: that the Iraqi market for securities need to develop its work and diversify the companies involved in it and not restrict to certain companies without the other, in addition to the Securities Commission Act is the other needs to be some adjustments to the advancement of the Iraq market for securities.

The two Asiacell and Zain Telecom has announced their entry into the Iraqi market for securities investment to put up their shares. / End / 8. N. P /