Economic expert Dr. Salam smeisim: flop on monetary policy makes delete an unsuccessful project, of zeros

Ali Salman-19/04/2013-8: 38 am | Hits: 11

The economic expert said Salam smeisim, the action delete zeros of the Iraqi currency in light of the uncertainty in monetary policy and the stability and improved heat exchange dinars makes unsuccessful procedures.

Smeisim said that "delete zeros to two dimensions reduce the money supply and improve the rate of the Iraqi dinar, dinar exchange rate degradation in the current period the impact of pumping quantities of poorly thought out of the dollar makes the deletion of zeros is not able to improve the dinar will create a balance with the dollar."

Referring to "double the price between the Central Bank and auction off the auction and attempts to smuggle currency created a discrepancy between prices within and outside the Bank, making less than the value of the Iraqi dinar from the US dollar".

Smeisim, stressed that "the deletion of alasavarvi under the deterioration of the value of the Iraqi dinar against the u.s. dollar is unsuccessful and the equation between the two prices, but also create an imbalance in monetary policy"