37 pilgrims trapped in Iraq reach Karachi

5 hrs ago

KARACHI - Thirty seven Pakistani pilgrims who were stranded at Baghdad Airport for over 24 hours were deported back to Karachi without granting them permission by the Iraqi authorities to visit holy places of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)s progeny.

The pilgrims went to Iraq for visiting the shrines, but the airport authority did not allow them to enter Baghdad after which they remained trapped for more than 24 hours. After Pakistani embassy intervened, the pilgrims, including 14 women and two children, were deported back.

Talking to reporters, the pilgrims said that they did not know why the Iraqi authorities did not allow them to visit the shrines in Baghdad. They said the Pakistani Embassy in Baghdad urged the Iraqi authorities to allow the pilgrims to visit the shrines, but the latter refused.

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