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Thread: Anybody...... Any contact with Warka?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISX Junkie using Aljazera View Post
    umm ya I REALLY do......IMHO
    Oh well, no biggie
    :thinking: what, no blini? :headbang:

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    Quote Originally Posted by War Eagle View Post
    Warka holds most of the foreign accounts in Iraq.Do you REALLY think that they are going to STIFF all of US?? I don't think so!!!IMHO
    Ummmm. Yes. I do. We have no power and no insurance. Business go out of business every day leaving people with out anything.. It's called risk. This time we will most likely lose.
    We will be lucky to see .04 by the end of 09.
    UPDATE: We will be lucky to see 1169 by the end of 09.

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