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Thread: funds withdrawal while under CBI custodianship

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    funds withdrawal while under CBI custodianship

    Hi all,

    3 weeks ago I sent my first outward remittance form to warka bank.
    After 2 more follow up emails I received yesterday an answer stating:

    "Dear Sir,
    Once the entire legal procedures have been finalized funds can be wired accordingly where currently
    the bank is still under CBI custodianship and a firm notice will be updated on our site."

    I could really use your feedback in regards to the following questions:

    1 - Is there any other way of having funds transferred out of Warka while under CBI's custodianship ??
    Would an email sent to CBI be of any help in this matter ?

    2 - I have noticed a Western Union email address on warka's domain (
    Has anyone tried to have funds transferred through WU back to the states ?

    3 - Is there a way to link a Warka account tot any e-commerce site similar to ebay / paypal ?

    Please advise

    Thank you

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    there is no way to get your money back at this time and point. It has been this way for a very long time now. Perhaps they will be honist in their business in the future and give the money back..... Or perhaps it is all a scheme to get us mad and pull out all our money then RV the dinnar.
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    hello all
    long time no post

    Warka has finally sent me an uptodate stock list and deducted 2500 dinar from my account (20/6/2013)

    The still have not responded to my request for a new stock purchase

    Once again their website is down "Bandwith exceeded"

    I think we just have to wait
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    I am waiting for my purchase of Asiacell now since February this year. Apparently authorities need to approve every purchase exceeding 1 JD IQD (whatever JD means). I sent them a reminder email about the status today, hopefully receiving an answer on Sunday.

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