Economist: increasing the currency without reinvested turn to the burden on society
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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} economist stressed that the currency in Iraq is getting on a continuous basis, but turn into a burden and absurd process if it is not invested.

Dr. Abdul Muti pumice President Administration advisory Union Iraqi businessmen told {Euphrates News} on Thursday that "the currency in Iraq is increasing rapidly, as the growing resources without converting them to invest and the growth of human and economic development will be a burden on society because big money without a wise investment process absurd. "

He noted that the "sale of cash should be of a certain size and go through the process of selling to the investments because the transfer of financial resources to the commoditization indicates a lack of progress and development, but in the case of conversion to a way to build social, economic and achieve economic stability becomes meaningless," stressing that " just sell a commodity be a factor of weakness and not a sound economic indicator. "ended 6