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Thread: Where have the real investors gone?

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    It will end with lawyers winning case for us and giving us back 10 % of our investment and lawyers getting the rest in next 20 years and with no intrest or inflation .

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    I'm loaded in and will stay this way until this investment pops, or drowns.
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    Finally, just what I asked for...details.

    ...Perhaps the negative correlation seen in the market is associated with investor psychology which focuses on nominal share-price rather than P/E multiples. Hence investors view a bank trading at 2 dinars to be more expensive than a bank trading at 1 dinar irrespective of P/E multiple of the two banks. Therefore, banks that earn high returns do not necessarily see their share price move up; this in turn depresses the P/E multiple for those companies...

    The Sansar Capital article, which the above statement came from, is nice to see. Quite funny that this came out as I was calling for answers to this backward market!

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    Kind of like our market. From a PE standpoint the market sits near a 16 multiple the same prior to 98, but yet we have a 35% margin expansion being reported. Does the market have more room to run? Other factors show an overbought situation.
    This I know. If you look at Fundamentals vs technicals I would always lean towards fundamentals. Always buy earnings. As long as the banks are performing ie. earnings and capital its a win win. The ISX does not make sense but the reality is the fundamentals along with earnings will eventually over ride any negative sentiment. Markets chase earnings. What will finally be the catalyst to wake up the market or open the market? This is a chapter that will soon be written. Op.
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