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Thread: warka online access

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    The last time I emailed concerning Password reset they rest it without telling me. I just happened to try and was able to log back in.
    GO GATORS!!!!!!

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    If you already had a CD then you must have some correspondence that works! Admittedly I send a .jpg picture of the signed document stating what you what them to do for you and this year for the kicker I placed my drivers license on the letter and sent that picture. Patience and persistence is a virtue here. I stayed up one year in the beginning and called them at 3:00am. They spoke very good English and it still took the same amount of time, don't loose the sleep IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USParatrooper78 View Post
    I am trying to reset my password, check balances, and start another CD. I have checked the spam filters on my email and there is nothing there.
    I am posting this out of concern for some of you buying CD's etc. and the strong possibility of Warka going Bankrupt - since no insurance is in place, any money held by Warka (including yours) could very well be gone. I urge you (if possible - I know it's not easy) to get an ISX trading number and use your money to buy shares in "your good name" to protect what funds you have left. I know some of you will retort "but I'm getting vast amounts of interest and the ISX is sitting flat" - at this point it is about protecting your money from a bankruptcy - Warka cannot afford to pay out depositors principal amounts, so logically the interest you see gathering is not there either. I am not whining or complaining as at least one you here likes to state (I'm sure there's a Freudian connection there - i.e. Mother's Basement) - I am trying to help you salvage what you have left in Warka - simple as that. Anyway .. if you can't, I understand, but please try.
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