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Thread: Iraqi Dinar Won't Change

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    Default Iraqi Dinar Won't Change

    Hi Folks

    I was playing around and found this article....May be interesting to have a thread taking about the issue of changing the currency.

    Check this out

    Iraqi Central Bank Confirms Commitment To Former Regime's Financial Obligations
    Nour Al Karmouti Al-Hayat 2004/05/10

    Faleh Dawood Suleiman, the deputy governor of the Iraqi Central Bank has assured that the Central Bank will not back off from its financial commitments inherited from the previous regime and will give everyone his rights.
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    GONG! Why quote an article from 5/10/04? IMF and Worldbank press conference transcripts say Iraq will likely get a 60-90% debt write off. Keep up with the times dude. :lmao:

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    Default some good news

    we kind of had a bad day today with all the bombings in iraq. prey for the people of iraq who just want to live in peace. now some good news.just had a phone call from my dad hes working in iraq (kbr) he told me the building and progress he sees every day is incredible. he said the state of iraq is moving foward everyday in leaps and bounds.just wanted to share a little good news with you all on a bad day. oh yea, he said keep buying dinar we wont be sorry.

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    Thumbs up Makes me want more!

    I, for one, am delighted to see the article and have some official validation that the current currency will not be swapped out for a replacement dinar nor for the Euro or dollar. Can't get much clearer than that from the deputy governor of the CBI.

    In fact it makes me want to pick up another 10 million dinar. Ironic since at the beginning, I was thinking of having only 3 million max.
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