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Thread: Ways to Make Money Online!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringworm View Post
    Who needs money. I got 100 dinar!!

    Ringworm.........................could you not find a better picture of your self???? LOL

    A day without laughter is a day wasted: Charlie Chaplin. :cheeky-smiley-025: :yelrotflmao:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
    She was a successful dinar promoter with purported secret intel about a pending RV. Apparently she sold some inflated dinar to people who were also buying into her intel. She had a great life, no job and she lived in a nice home of a JR. High gym teacher of similar sexual orientation to her own in Alaska and just sold dinar and spread secret RV intel all day every day. When some of her large following began to question the validity of an imminent huge RV after a couple false alarms, she set a concrete date for an RV and she hosted a huge pre-RV RV PARTY in Florida for her large entourage including DaRock and a plethora of other bunnies & duckies used car salesmen and big-legged dykes. She remained on the forum for several months after the party insisting that the RV had, in fact, already happened and was simply being kept from the "little people" until all the VIPs & governments had cashed out.
    She was last reported to be shacking up with a BBW night convenience store manager in a seedy low rent trailer park in the piney woods of East Texas and has rolled her dinar profits into a mail order false teeth franchise run by "KTF Frank". need to be hating though, unless she ripped you off anyway.....

    Once you said Alaska, I remembered her as a dinar pumper. I had all of my dinar purchased before I joined this forum. In fact, when I purchased mine, I thought I was the only person on the planet that thought this might be a good idea. I was very disappointed when I found out months later others knew about it. Then it really ticked me off when the pumpers came along because I knew that was just going to hurt me.

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