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Thread: 07-11-2013 it is coming!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BatmaninIraq View Post
    Current dinar 1:1 (rv)

    new dinar will be released jan 2014 1:2 usd (rd with rv)

    they need to give respect with gwb
    Just dont forget to remember THIS!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by War Eagle View Post
    And I am really surprised that people like RoyalBulga are in this group!!
    Why surprised?

    Why on earth are you attacking me? I hope for an RV just like you, wouldn't be here otherwise! Just because it may sound like a lop doesn't mean I want it to be! Jeez!
    Last edited by RoyalBeluga; 07-13-2013 at 09:54 PM.
    :thinking: what, no blini? :headbang:

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