Invitation to quote international experiences in economic construction

02/9/13 12: 00 am

Academic economic government called to quote the number of economic experiences of developed countries have gone through similar circumstances Iraq conditions for developing sectors of the economy.

He said improving the statement for (morning) that several States have experienced conditions similar to the conditions experienced by Iraq as (Germany and South Korea) and other States that built its economy from the ruins of war and scrap the wrong policies.

He noted that Germany has begun the process of economic reform by reform of the banking industry and the largest bank to finance industrial projects, adding that this led to a Renaissance in this country put him in the ranks of developed nations.

The economic and academic that can benefit from the experience of South Korea developed its economy in alliance with businessmen and investors and those MAM agro and work to develop and expand trade and capital into industrial investments and financial policy for the benefit of industrial enterprises, and establishing export-import bank to provide financing for exports.

Noting that the Korean policy included reducing government intervention in the economy and the privatization of commercial banks and the abolition of a number of laws and regulations impeding economic activity and the pursuit of regional balance and provide a system basis of social well-being.

And that government economic agencies can provide feasibility studies in this respect and to consider the possibility of experience from these two quotes that Iraq needed to reform the Government banking system added to promote local industry and product development to achieve self-sufficiency and export the surplus.