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Asia cell specifies Amer Pro as its new Executive Director

Author: HAA
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13/09/10 18: 17
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The Iraqi company for cellular communications (Asia cell contribution) in the country Ooredoo aurido group of companies, said Tuesday the appointment of Aamer industry executives, and hoped to continue the "success" of the company.

A telecoms Telecoms communications, news broadcast, obtained (range), the Chairman of asiacell, founder, Farouk Mustafa Rasoul, was quoted as saying, "Amer industry appointed Executive Director of the company," adding that "the industry will continue the success network practical asiacell, services and ensure firm success in the future."

The Messenger, by location, the former Executive Director of the asiacell, Dr. Diyar Ahmed, who served in this position for over six years, will assume the post of Senior Adviser to the Director of the company."

According to the site, "Amer manufacturers joined aurido company as Executive Director in Jordan, in August of 2010, and as Managing Director of Asia torrent Iraq since February 2013.

Telecoms website said, "Asian subscribers torrent now has 10 million barrier and 500,000 people in Iraq", pointing out that the company recently completed a process to sell IPO shares in Iraq market for securities.

Preliminary versions of the Initial Public Offering IPO IPO means: new company publicly traded for the first time.

The Iraq market for securities, (5 March 2013), the shares of asiacell telecommunication market in trading, capital stock doubled during February, to more than nine billion dollars, indicating that the company has become the largest shareholder in the market.

Company asiacell has collected approximately $1.27 billion, in the largest offering of ordinary shares since 2008, when it sold 67.5 billion shares in February 2013, at 22.0 Iraqi dinars a share.

The share price rose Asia cell by 10% as a maximum in the first day of trading, to 24.2 Iraqi dinar to close at 22.01 on the last day of trading.

The ask Asia cell for the stock market, the broader experience in the region since the fall of Saddam in 2003, offering a test for the confidence of the Iraqi economy, which started recovering after years of war and siege.