Calls for the establishment of a supreme body to monitor the work of the Government and private banks

12/9/13 12: 00 am
Baghdad-Farah pumice

The deal would create a special body to monitor the work of the Government and private banks will contribute to improve the banking sector and help to develop its work in the time come when the parliamentary Finance Committee plans to develop integrated study on the mechanism of the independent supreme body to monitor banking.

banking expert and Executive Director of the Association of private banks in Iraq Abdul Aziz hasoon said that the creation of a high authority to monitor banking contributes to their development.

goldfinch male (morning) that last year created the high authority to fix the banks, was founded in accordance with the The World Bank program to restructure State banks (and rational), formed by the Committee manages this body, composed of the Minister of finance and the Governor of the Central Bank and Chairman of the financial supervision authority,

the expert said: "If the high authority was established to oversee the development of public and private sector banks, corporate management must be shared equally between the Government and private banks to be understanding on the work programme and the planning tweri Of the two sides, especially the number of private banks currently has around 40 banks. the parliamentary Finance Committee will be held on 22nd of this month workshop with representatives from the public and private sector banks to discuss and explore the idea of establishing an independent body to monitor banking independently of any other interventions.

for its part, the Committee Member said Finance Deputy Minister najeeba Najib need body means the banks are responsible for the development of the banking sector and linking it with international banks, Najib said in a press release: The establishment of this body is necessary to serve the banking sector.