The first banking Conference

22/9/13 12: 00 am
Yasser Metwally

Preparing the Association of private banks in Iraq to hold its first Conference at a time when banks to an unprecedented attack by some that not how fiscal and monetary yalsiastin thing but it took offense here or there, it used to show his talents to disregard the remarks of an abuse of the Bank's reputation internationally and delayed development required

This Conference comes to be serious and resolute stance in those who burn the Green and dry without a sense of responsibility and this is hindering development, bass, there are errors and not make mistakes, but you take the person to the guilt of his brother?

Unreasonable to withdraw a bank error 50 banks and banking sector to underdevelopment and lack of performance, no more evil laundry and let's build the nation to correct everything that fasts when wrong does not take it as an excuse to insult others.

She attended a meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference and I discuss ways to repel the attack unjustified, but unfortunately I found discussions were focused on, inter alia, intuitive and easy-to-do not need to waste time while their relative importance to the preparation.

I wish I could hear presentations extremely important in how desperate defence on the performance of the banking sector and its role in development and how to enhance this role to live up to the required level which it charges some silent illiterate for money.

So I find the location of care and responsibility to point out the need for any extensive conference programme is about identifying the role of the banking sector and ways to promote and defend the achievements made in the previous phase.

The Conference was sponsored by the head of Government must live up to this recognition of the importance of the banking sector is important and vital and is a real answer to the charges and wanted also to live up to the level of the role required of banks and putting dots on the letters through the diagnosis of constraints and ways to overcome them is not the personal and subjective demands to develop something.

We want to hear loud noises in the Conference able to attract international banks to invest in Iraq through the opportunity to attend the prestigious contacts in Congress, that would require banks to discreet support orientations of the Association and to represent them before the decision-making and legislative bodies through the crowd.

We expect this Conference to map the right way for the banking sector, both public and private not only blame and voltage on the private banking sector to the public sector in achieving development.