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Thread: Specialists promised to launch new banking strategy

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    Specialists promised to launch new banking strategy

    Specialists promised to launch new banking strategy

    26/9/13 12: 00 am

    Assurances of the importance of banking partnership between the public and private sectors

    Iraq-Hussein thghb Al-Tamimi

    The banking sector is heading towards the diagnosis of the most important challenges that confuse the reality of development banking in the country, stressing the importance of money banking cooperation experts between the public and private sectors to reach the ideal working environment for all economic sectors.

    President of the Association of private banks in Iraq, Adnan Chalabi pointed out in an interview for (morning) to launch new banking strategy during the first Iraqi banking Conference, stating that the strategy is launched during the Conference to be discussed thoroughly by banks from the public and private sectors to come up with an agreement or near agreement.

    Development prospects

    The press conference organized by the Association in preparation for the Conference, which is held at the end of the month that the strategy governing the banking industry now and in the future, and develop a phased development prospects to promote banking services gradually, pointing out that the Conference was an opportunity to put forward views and suggestions in the development of the banking sector, in particular the Conference includes display (12) in search of six research on Oct. 28-29 of this month, in addition to extensive discussions about the problems that limit the development process.

    Sophisticated banks

    Chalabi said that all efforts to come up with recommendations to effectively contribute to the value in the development of the banking sector, which is the most important element in the process of economic recovery, cannot develop the economy away from the banking sector up to international banking technologies, capable of providing advanced services to beneficiaries.

    The confidence of international banks

    As General Manager of Bank Islamic Abdul Hussein Al-mundhiri rivers has pointed to the importance of the first Iraqi banking Conference, pointing out that Iraq from Chapter VII to make Iraqi bank market destination new destination leading global banks known as confidence in the global economy such as the neighborhood. My Standard Chartered morken and Bank of America Bank of romanization. He said the Government and private banks partnerships and sign memorandums of understanding with the banks to get the accumulated experience in dealing with the financial and economic crises and how to operate their capital and deposits from the public in corporate finance, small, medium and large. These companies will be working in our banks the opportunity to gain experience and confidence in entering new investment patterns on the banking market.

    Trust beneficiaries

    He continued: after the success of private banks to increase their capital overflowed with enormous cash block liquidity exceeded five trillion dinar is currently looking for investment opportunities for funding. As well as the trillions given as commercial loans and real estate and industrial productivity and others. This increase in capital has confidence again by private banks after shocks suffered by its reputation as a result of abuse of some banks to conduct banking business proper, having suffered penalties and deterrents from the Central Bank, public funds are deposited returned again in private banks.

    Prospects of cooperation

    The Executive Director of the Association of private banks in Iraq Abdul Aziz Hassoun: the strategic banking will go on working to develop the work of banks in General, in addition to consolidating the prospects for cooperation between banking and financial market. these efforts are prerequisites to discuss challenges affecting negatively the development banks, private banks in the country had come a long way in adopting modern technologies could not state banks can access it, especially living in a restructuring phase. Stressing that the evolution of private banks have not lived up to the level of ambition, though built good relationships with banks worldwide with advanced classification list rankings.

    Amendment of the Banking Act

    He highlighted papers that will be presented during the Conference that dealing with the amendment of the Banking Act, allowing private banks to build investment that will positively affect the reality of the Iraqi economy in terms of production and services.

    The future of banking

    Finch returned to confirm that international involvement will be the quality and quantity and its presence will have a positive impact, it can convey a clear picture of the future of the Iraqi banking sector, pointing to the space of the Conference of the World Bank, which will have up his sleeve across the research prepared for the poses in this Conference, where everyone is aware of its importance in the economic development process. Noting that the presence of Arabic will be active through banks banks banks Association and Arabic, in addition to the different banking experience.

    The goldfinch by saying: that the experience of private banks in the country and faced significant challenges, pointing out that its effectively was after 2003 but need a great effort to bring the banking sector to the global services it provides to the public.

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    So glad I change my USD into GCC currencies , & has got access to a ISX trading platform, made massive gains on high inter rate CDs for the past 10 years a portfolio I handle has shown massive gains for a personal portfolios, can gain free & paid up shares in various bank accounts in Iraq .also the Iraqi economy & ISX was protected from the last credit crunch also what a hedge for for your USD today with the second credit crunch on the horizon ,dollar tanking end of petroldollars . what hedge fund manager woul 'nt want to put a couple million in for annual massive own personal portfolio is show 20+% annual growth in profits,
    The Iraqi economy is just starting to crank its self up with its oil reserves the isx and its currency and is going to be very popular & lucrative in the near future.

    To Gain an account nank & ISX platform the the applicant needs to get documents proved by a solicitor with triple original copies made, the applicant sends these proved docs to Iraqi consulate, and when stamped by a rep. from Iraqi chamber of commerce,
    the applicant who if is from the UK is sent these docs they then become a licence to trade In Iraq and then gains membership to the British chamber of commerce,
    the docs are stamped again by that department ,the applicant sends the docs by DHL to a Bank in Iraq and after juming through the last LOOP and at some expense the account is opened,
    the rewards are worth it and are growing.
    Its time to sign of now so good luck to all you investors.
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    I think they're going to have to up their games exponentially with the introduction of Standard Chartered Bank - this type of competition is only good for Iraq, IMO.
    "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat." - Sir Winston Churchill

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