30 State companies deal with Efes p and d in Iraq

12/10/13 12: 00 am

After access from the provisions of Chapter VII

Baghdad-the morning team:
Hossein thghb-Mustafa Al-Ahmed ' Abed Rabbu Al--Nihad Al-Azzawi

She spread the Baghdad international fair ground products for more than 30 countries in different disciplines, along with exhibits of governmental institutions and the private sector,

the most distinguishing feature of this session from its predecessors freedom Iraq economic deal with all countries of the world, which gave him the opportunity of the provisions of section VII of this specification quality after decades of isolation from the world, being among the halls of the exhibition a real opportunity to begin real cooperation and partnership projects with companies possessing advanced technologies in this field.

Since the first moments of the show kicks off the session (40) participants began interacting with each other and examine the possibility of cooperation, as well as informing the world on available investment opportunities in various economic sectors, both service and production mechanisms of access to local markets.

Iraq job market

On the first day of the exhibition touching team "morning" great ambition by all participants in the in-country presence and get jobs in an important market for the world economy, have all the economic success which chime and ambitious companies.

Participants stressed the importance of giving them a chance in the halls of the exhibition a few days ago, to help organize their sites without a glitch, arguing that fair opportunity and everyone should appear properly reflecting the real picture of their potential and what they can offer to the world economy.

Inviting international companies

Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Shahristani said in a speech read at the opening ceremony that next year 2014 is the year of investment in the country, calling on companies to participate in the Baghdad international fair to exploit investment opportunities. Pointing out that the fortieth session of the Baghdad international fair, which was attended by "morning" task and broad participation confirms that the international community believes the new Iraqi experiment and was ready to cooperate with Iraq, pointing out that this is a message for terrorists underscores their inability to keep international companies from entering Iraq.

High growth rates

He added that the annual economic growth rate increased by 10% and this ratio is one of the highest growth rates in the world, the World Bank estimates that Iraq will keep on the rise annually. For the participating companies not only trade but also exploits investment opportunities and privileges granted to investors in Iraq in various economic sectors. He noted that the Government is currently working on inviting foreign companies to invest in Iraq and to make the country's petrochemical Center and fertilizers.

The (40) were different

Trade Minister Khair Allah Babiker said in his speech to the session (40) Baghdad international fair comes at a time when the economy is looking forward to real growth after directed towards an open economy with greater freedom to deal with global companies to participate, especially after the entry into force of the provisions of Chapter VII, which went to local economic sectors to collapse.

And as early as to the global investment companies can benefit from the investment opportunities available in the country, the investment law of legal guarantees for work in the country for the benefit of the parties, to deal with the Iraqi market directly, without intermediary, and facilitate the entry of international companies and investors through accelerated mechanisms for granting entry visas to the country, to promote local banks through openness to global banks and engage in partnerships that serve both parties.

Educating citizens about the stock market

President of JSC Dr. Abdul-Razzaq Al-Saadi, said in an interview for (morning) on the sidelines of the exhibition represents an important step in raising awareness of investment in Iraq market for securities by informing visitors on the workings of the stock market and its importance in the economic field and how you can invest in the stock market and interest accruing to the beneficiary, as well as for the definition of the local stock market and the future that is in store, especially the Iraqi economy and kissed on stage opening up to the world economy after the shift towards market economy The body continue to participate in the exhibition and the pursuit of the objectives of participation and coexistence between local and international companies as well as cooperation with the public.

Al-Saadi stressed the importance of advanced technology present in the exhibition and participation than it, to provide better services to the local economy, pointing to the importance of the existing participants to prepare before the appropriate period of time and not be there preparations during the first day of the exhibition.

Broad participation

General Manager, said the opposition and commercial services company, a Ministry of Commerce Sadiq Hussain Sultan (morning), to participate in this excellent session bringing the number of States involved 32 companies, more than 700 companies, pointing out that large government attention to the economic stimulation of most large companies on new presence despite security challenges facing Iraq and the region.

He added: there is coordination with security agencies to make this economic efficiency and, in particular, the Baghdad operations through the provision of full protection, as well as the Foreign Ministry regarding the granting of visas.

Sultan said that the promotion of this session has started since the end of the previous session through special channels, such as private sector development department with our attache's Office through the Ministry of foreign trade as well as our relationship with companies in previous sessions.

The fortieth session of a joint national effort is through collections and cultural and artistic events, wishing that the satisfaction of citizens.

Map of international economy

So, according to the national investment Commission Chief Sami Al-araji (morning) that the fortieth session of the Baghdad international fair, one of the gates investment, indicating that major economic phenomenon make Iraq will economic internationally.

Al-araji, said that the promotion of investment in developed countries through international exhibitions, as it gives a positive definition that Iraq has large possibilities and incentives for investment, noting that national body Suite provided all investment opportunities in Iraq.