In regards to our Dinar on Reserve program, it was launched initially to allow customers to lock in a rate while giving them time to come up with the full purchase amount of their reserves. As the program has grown, many customers chose to continue rolling over their reserves with no intention of purchasing the full amount. As Dinar Trade holds 100% of all our reserves in physical currency, the amount of currency we held for our customers continued to grow. Our bank has informed us that the finance fees for this service and the lack of customers actually paying off the full amount has lead to the request of our bank to discontinue the program.

We will continue to honor all existing reserves for their full 30 days. Customers with active reserves still have the option to receive the 10% balance you paid for or to pay for the remaining 90% to receive 100% of your reserve. In light of this situation, we are also offering the option to exchange your reserves into US Dollars and have it deposited directly into a bank account or exchange your reserve for Gold/Silver coins and have them shipped.

We are truly sorry if this has caused any inconvenience and are happy to help answer any other questions about your current reserve orders and the new options on expiration. We have information available to customers on our website at: or you can contact us at: or 877-770-7660