From Aljazera site:

Subscription to BROI 80 billion paid-up shares at 1 IQD a share by eligible shareholders will begin on 1 December 2013 .

BROI approved capital increase from 150 billion IQD to 250 billion IQD in its AGM on 1 October 2013 , through issuing 80 billion paid-up shares and 20 billion free shares for eligible shareholders . Our eligible clients who wish to take part in the offer are requested to send us an email expressing their wish that we subscribe on their behalf to BROI paid-up shares .

From Rabee securities:

Subscription on 80bn Credit Bank of Iraq (BROI) shares will start on Dec. 1, 2013 toincrease the capital through 53.3% rights and 13.3% bonus issues to IQD250bn.