The banking sector supports index «securities»

2013-12-02 Baghdad morning new

A number of analysts predicted that the market index Iraq securities eligible to climb at the next meeting with the support of high investor sentiment following the inauguration of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to branch Standard Bank global chartdrd Baghdad the gradual return of confidence in the economy.

One expert said the equity markets at okaz brokerage, Mohammed: «English World Bank to enter the Iraqi market will provide much support to the market, it's a sign of confidence in the economy, we will see more foreign investors' entry into the local stock market.

Al-Maliki opened the first branch of the Bank of England in Iraq in Baghdad and is the first foreign bank entering Iraq for years, as expected, Dean, financial analyst, Inc. Tigris is a brokering their banking sector is the main engine of the next market session thanks to recovery hopes on the Iraqi banking sector and the banks listed.