A bank expert warns of rising commodity prices and materials

Posted in Business & money Tuesday, 18 February 2014 16: 36
Baghdad/future news:

The Director of the Association, warned private banks banking expert Abdul Aziz Hassoun, an unprecedented rise in the prices of commodities in the domestic market as a result of the increase in the salaries of retired slide.

said Hassoun in a press statement that "an increase in salaries of retirees will increase currency in the local market, leading to absorbed by goods and materials through higher prices, adding that the increase would unnecessarily burden on ordinary citizens and retired retired."

he added that "increased salaries won't work for Iraqi citizens, calling, financial and legislative authority to Attention and awareness that the increase for retirees will be reflected negatively on all segments of society.

"banking expert, suggested that the provision for pensioners rather than increasing their salaries.

The House of representatives approved the retirement law, increased the salaries of retired slide

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