(Orr) revealed the details of the plan (Tiger) to expand Iranian influence in Iraq

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Baghdad/Orr news

A senior Shiite leader revealed that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, asked the Iranian Quds Force Commander Gen. Qasem Soleimani, an Iraqi known as code name (Tiger), tighten the grip of Iranian influence on the joints of the Iraqi State in anticipation of worsening of the crisis and the collapse of the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

The Shiite leader said the plan announced Thursday to expand Iranian influence in Iraq, including a four-pronged strategy: "selection and planting of loyalists in positions within the Iraqi State to play a role in the formulation of policies that are consistent with the policies of the Iranian State, and they have the financial support, and all kinds of logistical support such as protection from any judicial proceedings or secure their lives from terrorist operations and preserve the lives of their families and their support in the elections."

The second theme is "gathering comprehensive information on all sectors of the Iraqi State and society to the Iranian State to make appropriate proposals to the Iraqi Government in various fields, and aim to ensure the survival of the Iranian role in the political, economic and security and promote the belief that Iran is present in force, to the extent that some National Alliance leaders acknowledged that Tehran (learn what we teach) on internal Iraqi situation, Because it works with a large organization ".

Third plan (Tiger) says the Shiite leadership, it is concerned with "controlling persons, organizations and media who have criticized Iran's policy or have links with the international and regional powers against Iran's political system, and thus there is a difference to perform assassinations to deal with the challenges of this activity guide to assassinate journalists and military personnel, since most of the investigations on the assassination of silencers indicated strong doubts about the responsibility of Iran militias in the ribs.

The fourth and most importantly, the Shiite leader said: "the formation, training and arming Iraqi militias and is fully independent from other activities and receive special care from (Iranian Revolutionary Guard), noting that the Iranian regime cut ties with irregular military groups that were linked to the" revolutionary guards "before the fall of the former Iraqi regime, and shortly thereafter, the Badr Brigade, which was under the control of the Islamic High Council was dissolved and turned into a political organization and get involved in the civic life of the country, The "Mehdi Army", was backed financially and militarily by Iran during the presence of American occupation forces but in a certain period and in coordination with Al-Maliki was hit hard despite the presence of army occupation forces, because Slimani was aware that the army is not controlled as the rest of the militia, and for this reason was demand of qais Al-khazaali, Abdul Hadi al-Darraji defect and form groups.

The Shiite leader said that a special effort and exceptional by Qasem Soleimani was taken to reorganize the militia and its the beginning of the year 2006, this trend has led to the founding of two milishitin: AAH khazaali's strength 1200 to 1500 or more little fighter and Hizbullah of Iraq, led by Abu Mahdi Mohandes, and a population of more than 2000 fighters and Syrian request confident potatoes form the "army of Al-khazali was asked to engineer form a militia special combat" Brigade, "Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas military mission Work outside of Iraq, specifically oriented to fight alongside Syria, Bashar Al-Assad.

The core issue in the philosophy of Iranian leadership in the formation of militias in Iraq based on the same idea, created on the basis of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran want to create Iraqi militia and survival, although the Iraqi political process and the arrival of the allies of the Shiite religious parties to power, these militiamen strike force within the State itself, to ensure the existence of a military force on Earth receive direct orders, Not from anyone else, it is a philosophy developed by Khamenei himself.