Agriculture expects to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat during the current year

Editor Amar Tariq - Saturday 29 March 2014 11:49

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Ministry of Agriculture, Saturday, to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat during the current year after achieving 75% in the last year, as pointed to its efforts to provide food security through domestic product.

The ministry Mehdi Qaisi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "Iraq was able during the past year in 2013 to achieve 75% of self-sufficiency in wheat after producing four million tons of the crop," expected "to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat during this year, amounting to four million and 500 000 tons of wheat. "

Qaisi said that "the evidence indicates that Iraq will reach self-sufficiency in wheat during the harvest period, which will begin next month, as a result of the significant expansion in yields per dunam cultivated crop, in addition to the increased rainfall during the winter, as well as government support for farmers through the Agricultural Initiative by providing them with seeds backed by 80% and modern irrigation systems. "

Qaisi added "The ministry has also managed to provide a crop of vegetables and fruits, and thus prevented importing a lot of these crops, in addition to providing fodder enough for ranchers and that total production of corn so far to 356 000 tonnes," noting that it "seeks to provide food security through the local product. "

Qaisi that "the ministry has been able to achieve 65% of Iraq's need of wheat and local produce approximately three million and 200 000 tons per year, and to 25% of Iraq's need of rice," pointing to "the development of good types of rice as rice, jasmine and other species next to rice cultivation Amber Iraq. "

The markets are witnessing in Iraq sometimes to a significant rise in the prices of agricultural crops of fruit and vegetables in the local markets, especially in the month of Ramadan and holidays and these prices continue for a period even after the end of the holidays.

The Iraqi government has launched, in August of 2008, a comprehensive initiative to promote the agricultural reality in the country, and set a time limit duration of ten years to reach the stage of Iraq's self-sufficiency in strategic crops.

The initiative includes supporting farmers with seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, land reclamation and ensuring the purchase of production of strategic crops at market prices, in addition to the allocation of loan funds a variety of fund development of palm-based and new, and the Fund modern irrigation techniques, and fund livestock, and a fund to support strategic projects, as well as Fund lending to small farmers.

The Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture had imposed for the first time a partial ban on the import of vegetables from the first of May of 2009 to protect the local product after the many claims made by the number of farmers and economists Iraqis to prevent flooding the market with
imported vegetables .