A Conference to promote investment opportunities in Iraq

19/04/2014 12: 00 am

Meeting in Muscat late this year with international participation

Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi

Looking the world and investment companies in the fields of energy and mining to engage in Iraq as a fertile ground for all kinds of different investments in all economic areas.

as economic academic Dr Majid Al there is a census and a great desire for foreign investment companies to enter Iraq despite all the conditions, saying in a statement to (morning) that this desire witnessed during previous conferences to publicize investment opportunities by Iraq in different States.

The mining Conference

It is expected to be held in Omani capital of Muscat late this year, a special conference in the country's Arabic later this year to discuss the reality of mining investment opportunities available for investment of sulphur and phosphates and other minerals in Iraq specifically to discuss investment opportunities for the minerals available in the country,

adding Arabic Al that Iraq when many non-oil natural wealth such as sulphur and phosphate with good specifications and features about what exists in other countries and attract investors wishing to invest.

Metal licensing

Al predicted round of licences to mining by Ministry of industry like oil licensing rounds in the next period or during the next year.

Al said that such a Conference would be an opportunity to communicate and to gain an insight into the situations and conditions in Iraq, indicating that it would be useful to explore ways to exploit the natural resources of the non-oil in the interest of the country economically, pointing out that such conferences is manufactured.

Global companies

In the same context, said Ahmed Al-jader, Director of the Baghdad office of Al saimksko for organizing economic and investment conferences for the world of investment opportunities in Iraq, that this Conference be held in early December this year will give a clear picture of the world and the definition of major investment opportunities in the area of metals.

Al-jader said in a statement to (morning): it is hoped that the Omani Minister will open the Conference in the presence of large global companies specializing in mining, to discuss investment opportunities in the sulphur and phosphate walsilka and other minerals in Iraq, in addition to discussing the possibility of investing in the country's Arabic.

And the importance of the forthcoming event in Al-jader is an excellent opportunity to engage in the most recent experience and developments inside Iraq at the level of mineral investment and relevant and important topics to be discussed at the Conference.

Natural resources

Former oil Minister Ibrahim Bahr Al-uloum had previously called in a statement for (morning) to launch a special licenses to invest in minerals and other natural resources in Iraq.

He stressed that Iraq needs today is the fact that there is a meaningful investment movement in Iraq being the responsibility of the Ministry of the Industry Department sulphur phosphate, pointing out that Iraq has plenty of minerals that give the extras to the other resources they need to be there tours of mineral licences must be initiated by the Ministry of industry with other government entities.

Ulum said that the primary goal is to diversify our economy and not rely on oil as this gives a great opportunity for Iraq to absorb unemployment and to establish giant projects while the share in exploitation must be used to create advanced industry able to push Iraq to industrial trend and it will happen there is diversification in the Iraqi economy.