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    A proposal to convert to an electronic cash payment system support

    A proposal to convert to an electronic cash payment system support


    Financial expert suggested the name Hadi, converting cash handling to electronic cash to improve the payments system in the country.

    Hadi said the Agency/JD/: "we must work to develop the Iraqi banking system with the latest technology in order to enter the modern electronic systems for financial transactions, and transfer cash handling to electronic cash, like most countries of the world."

    He noted: "the cash conversion would improve the country's payments system and facilitates financial transactions especially after the advent of electronic commerce and spread widely among most States, especially that Iraq has substantial business dealings with the States of the region and East Asia", calling for "the need to enact laws governing the work payments."

    He stressed the importance of a "splitter" adopted by the Central Bank, which includes the link local banks with unified communications managed by global company specializing direct supervision by the Central Bank, to support financial transactions electronic.

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    about time !!!!!

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