Most powerful President in the world is powerless!

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Sunday, 18th may 2014 15: 48

US President Barack Obama may be the most powerful man in the world, but it shows disappointment with its failure to achieve major projects.

US President Barack Obama speaks about the limitations of his power both at home and abroad while the accompanying legislative elections halfway through his mandate on Washington and virtually eliminates hopes to win big in this election.

The first clashes were related to the upcoming presidential campaign in 2016 and passion for absolute media the couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama shared the political stage since now. Often strengthen the foreign policies of Presidents right up there as one during the second mandate when they dip their authority at home.

Influence of restricted

But options are limited outside the influence of the United States in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, thus reinforcing the argument of Republicans who accuse President that threatens only and that it lacks a coherent foreign policy.

Obama began showing his disappointment in private.

Obama said the wealthy New York Democrats "have a drawer full of projects which we know will create jobs and help the middle class and promote income and increase our competitiveness." "We are faced with a party on the other side determined to reject all ideology."

Obama Admin

But Obama also bears some responsibility for the situation. The launch of the health insurance law struggled for success was expected and supported and reflected on his ability to persuade his opponents back off by opinion polls in the middle of his second presidential term.

And now the Obama administration is facing difficulties to fit the victim having died 40 veterans while awaiting receive treatment at a medical center in Phoenix. In contrast, criticizes White House investigations into the endless Republican about the killing of four Americans in an attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi in 2012 saying it was sabotage.

Obama said during the annual dinner for White House correspondents in may "what month is it?". Although his speech was full of the usual jokes on this occasion but the tone wasn't joy senior aides say President Obama should not be held accountable to what he can accomplish over the hostile Congress. Perhaps the best that Obama did not issue any legislation to enhance his legacy in his second term.

The President is feeling down his authority sharply especially since he no longer has only two and a half years in the Presidency.

Obama warned this week that the application of a comprehensive immigration reform is two or three just before the November polls. Compared to the achievements of the Congress, that this timetable is optimistic.

In move

And not even the President seems almost to the end of his term, Obama announced a 2014 "in action" and hired Executive authority to fight climate change and strengthening the middle class and repair infrastructure in the country.

While presidential decrees effective but it does not compare with what Congress can accomplish when it is اعضاؤ compatible.

With the expected increase in the authority of House Republicans after the legislative elections, it seems that Obama will not find anymore sufficient support in Congress, but hope always to come this year to act on transportation approved by the two parties and also controls the work of the national security agency after the former Chancellor Edward Snowden leaks. perhaps the best that most Congressional Republicans because that would make it more inclined to ratify the partnership agreement between the Pacific States which is the focus of the foreign policy of Obama in Asia.

And if possible, as recent data that 300,000 jobs were created in April, an indication the Obama administration can hope the summer Economic clouds.

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