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Yes, and what surprises me is that some people are actually surprised that any of this has occurred - it was always highly likely that shenanigans were taking place, buyer beware was always the rule of thumb with dear old Iraq - I honestly find it bone chilling when I hear how much money some sent over there (10K ++) on a whim. I am in no way judging anyone - I have no right to. I just find it very hard to understand. Maybe it's all relevant ? I was willing to part with and lose up to 5K on this desert storm, and for some that may of been excessive ? As well, it "ain't" over yet - tomorrow's another day.
Its just money. Win some lose some which is why one diversifies. Certainly anyone that invests in a third world country is subjecting themselves to high volatility and high risk. Not for the faint of heart. However I took a flyer for ~ 50K knowing the risk for the prospect of high interest returns, and nothing to do with any RV which is a insane notion. I bet on a bank, that bank has failed to meet expectations regardless of the cause. However other investments have more than compensated for that loss. Its just business. the objective is to have more profits than losses or the alternative, a very safe investment with meager returns.