Iraq for all: Stevenson: the formation of a new non-governmental organization and the European Society of Iraqi Freedom
In response to the ongoing attacks and repression, dominated by tribal people and the Iraqi province of Nineveh and Mosul

During a press conference in Brussels, on June 11, said Struan Stevenson, President of the European Parliament delegation for relations with Iraq for the formation of a new non-governmental organization, the Association of European Iraqi Freedom (EIFA)

Attended and spoke at the meeting all of Syed Ahmad Ghazali - former Prime Minister of Algeria, Alejo Vidal-Quadras - Vice-President of the European Parliament (1999 - 2014), Stephen Hughes, group vice president of the Social Democrats and MEP former Paulo CASSACA expert at Aeraekayahat focused in their words on the following points:

1 - The Conference strongly condemned human rights violations in Iraq, and the number is unprecedented for the executions and the slaughter of Iranian refugees in camps Ashraf and Liberty, and stressed that the monopoly of power in the hands of al-Maliki in the past 8 years and the dominance of Iran's ground-breaking represented in the Quds Force, the terrorist in Iraq is the main reason problems. After the withdrawal of U.S. troops, the appropriateness of the Iranian regime a power vacuum in Iraq. He described the conference support of Western governments, particularly the United States, for the owners, as a flawed and shameful and he must share the responsibility for the murder and slaughter of the Iraqi people, and called on Congress to put an end to weapons, the U.S. and Russia, which are being supplied to al-Maliki and that help to suppress the popular uprising, which claims Maliki government led by al-Qaida terrorist Anaahrkh

2 developments in Iraq greatly affected the entire region. If it were in Iraq's national government, not dominated by Iran, was Bashar al-Assad has fallen a long time ago. The life of the Iranian regime depends on Assad and al-Maliki, and the fall of any one of them, and nearly Iran's regime from the abyss. Thus, the system kills people in both countries, the full force

3 - The representatives of the various Iraqi factions that the recent elections were not free nor fair have been manipulation of al-Maliki and the Iranian regime since the December 2012 elections, while most Iraqi political factions opposed to al-Maliki, which is supported by Iran uses them all means of intimidation and threats, which is currently trying desperately through fraud and bribery to become prime minister for a third term in a row

4 - He has the population of the Sunni provinces Balaatsamat since 6 December 2012 in protest against the repression and death on a large scale. Has faced the Iraqi army on the orders of al-Maliki this peaceful protests with violence and repression and deadly attacks and forced the population and the tribes in these provinces, particularly Anbar, to defend themselves. Maliki and resorted to indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians explosive barrels and missile strikes and air raids repeated.All of these processes are carried out under the command and control of the terrorist Quds Force and the Iranian regime. There is no doubt that these attacks constitute war crimes and the international community must be strongly condemned. In the meantime, there are strong rumors that al-Maliki had evacuated his family to the United Kingdom and may even be the same as preparing to flee the country

5 - In response to the ongoing attacks and repression, dominated by tribal people and the Iraqi province of Nineveh and Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, expelled the Iraqi army, and freed hundreds of political prisoners. And expelled the Iraqi army from Nineveh, and more than half of Salahuddin province, and the fighting rages now just 30 kilometers from Baghdad. Maliki claims of dishonesty and deception that terrorists and ISIS has seized control of the Nineveh province, in order to pave the way to launch rocket attacks, as well as to find an excuse for the United States and the military intervention of the Iranian regime in Iraq. As he arrogantly demanded Iraq's neighbors to help him suppress the terrorists in these areas, and it means an open invitation to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Quds Force to intervene.

6 - Western countries, especially the United States, Britain and some other countries which played a key role in toppling the previous government in Iraq and enable al-Maliki, have a serious responsibility to the status quo. Over the past eight years, the United States provided support on the part of one of the owners, and has maintained silence on the atrocities committed against the Iraqi citizens, especially the Sunni population and other religious and ethnic minorities, as well as foreign refugees.United States turned a blind eye also on the growing dominance of the Iranian regime in Iraq, and who played a major role in creating the current situation

7 - Conference stressed the fact that the Iraq crisis can only be solved by changing the urgent command and the ouster of al-Maliki, along with the evacuation Alcamelllnzam Iran from Iraq, through the establishment of a national government and democratic rejects sectarianism and represent all segments of Iraqi society. Order Almatmmermn Western countries, particularly the United States and the European Union to stand with the Iraqi people in order to achieve this goal, and to avoid providing any support for the owners

10 - The European Association of Iraqi Freedom (EIFA) non-governmental organization was formed to be the voice of the Iraqi people, who deserve a better future. Were joined by many distinguished politicians and leaders who share these goals remarkable support in this task. Includes Council EIFA John Bruton - former Prime Minister of Ireland, Geir Haarde - former Prime Minister of Iceland, Alejo Vidal-Quadras - Vice President of the European Parliament 1999-2014, Giulio Terzi - former Foreign Minister of Italy, Lord Carlile - former national security adviser in the government of the United Kingdom