China's foreign exchange reserves rise

The new morning
June 15th, 2014
Beijing agencies:

Rose China's foreign exchange reserves to around 4 trillion US dollars with an increase of 5 billion dollars over the end of last March.

State attorneys said Chinese foreign exchange that figure rising from 3.95 trillion dollars at the end of March to $4 trillion, and it became the equivalent of three times the reserves of Japan the second largest holder of cash reserves.

The body reserves rose during the years from 2001 to 2013 approximately 3.7 trillion dollars, while the size of the current account surplus and capital inflow through the combined direct investment of 3.8 trillion dollars, which shows that the jump in foreign exchange reserves are the result of real economic activities and not as a result of hot money flows.

The Chinese Government is trying to exploit this growing volume of reserves, optimization, and that they would encourage companies to invest abroad to diversify the structure of reserves and prepare against financial risks.