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Thread: American reports disclose the names of terrorist financiers in the world

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    American reports disclose the names of terrorist financiers in the world

    American reports disclose the names of terrorist financiers in the world


    Report and American documents (131) a name for academics and activists and clergymen from 31 countries around the world, providing forensic support to the movements and armed groups among them, and documents, to (12) of Iraqi political and religious personalities, notably six influential businessmen in the Iraqi market.

    The US State Department issued a report earlier this month that private donations from Gulf States had been the main source of financing of terrorist groups and reveals that support for these movements consist of (7) forms, including financial support through donations and alms the Zakat, then stir the passion and enthusiasm of Muslims ", preceded by a legitimate support to improve the image of armed combat, recruitment, call him".

    The documents included the names (28) personal Saudi support for the so-called "Jihad" and (12), prominent Iraqi personality (6) influential businessmen in the Iraqi market, and 10 Pakistanis, and (8) of Algeria, and (6), and (6) Moroccan, and (6) figures from Senegal, and six Indonesians, and 5 characters, and 4 from Eritrea, 3 from Turkey, and (4) people from Egypt and Lebanon, and (2) of Britain, alongside characters from Ghana, Sudan, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, the Comoros, Kenya, Somalia, Mauritania, Nigeria and Nepal , Sri Lanka, Thailand and Bangladesh, and others living in Sweden and the Netherlands and Australia.

    The documents showed that the types of support as well as support for conferences and seminars to broaden relations between the leaders of the armed factions or on behalf to coordinate and expand their operations and ways of financing jihadist and costed, many support classifications in accordance with documents, involving funds sufficient to develop websites and jihadist movements, in addition to supporting the publication of books, letters and other publications.

    And the financiers, according to the documents, the majority was enriched at the expense of his relationship with the former regime, and now run businesses in the Iraqi market of commercial agencies and companies of remittances, private banks, investment in industry and business.

    According to the documents, "the funding primarily goes to the army and the 1920 revolution brigades and the Islamic army and Hamas Iraq's largest armed faction in the country."

    Based on previous security reports that "the size of financing armed attacks in Iraq reached $2 million per month, all come from outside."

    Despite the conditions imposed by the United States Department of the Treasury to help banks and sources of remittances in the world, but the donor funds scattered among various Muslim countries remain an important source of the armed movements and Al-Qaeda in Iraq traditional sources of funding, and adopted the taxation of commercial and industrial activities in controlled areas.

    In Syria, more than non-traditional sources of financing of the armed activities of the armed movements, which dominate the victory early on oil refineries and wells, Utopia Deir ez-Zor, Al hasake and extract oil and sell it as provided in financial revenues (2.4) million dollars a day, or about 72 million dollars in the month, which helped finance armed activity.

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    American reports disclose the names of terrorist financiers in the world

    American reports disclose the names of terrorist financiers in the world


    And the names of sponsors of terrorist movements (armed) and Al-Qaeda in Iraq and reactive and Syria in particular, according to the documents:

    1. Awad Ibrahim Bin Hamad, a former University Professor and businessman/Saudi Arabia
    2. Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, the head of the charity society balouikilih/Saudi Arabia
    3. Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Mohammad Al-Jarallah, a University Professor and businessman/Saudi Arabia
    4. Dr. Ibrahim Bin Nasser Nasser, an Islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
    5. Dr. Ibrahim, Director of studies at the University of Dakar/Senegal
    6. Dr. Ahmad Abu halabiya, President of the Association of Islamic studies/Gaza-Palestine
    7. Dr. Ahmed raissouni, head of the unification and reform movement/Morocco
    8. Sheikh Ahmed, an Islamist preacher/Mauritania
    9. Dr. Ahmed bin Rashid bin Saeed, Professor/Saudi Arabia
    10. Dr. Ahmed Hussein daddash, an Islamic preacher/Iraq
    11. Mr. Ahmed rateb RASP, Director of publishing house valuables/Lebanon
    12. Sheikh Adam, Noah, Adam, an Islamic preacher/Ghana
    13. Sheikh Ejaz Afzal Khan, Emir of the Islamic community in Kashmir/Pakistan
    14. Sheikh Amin khudair al-Janabi, an Islamic preacher, seven/Iraq
    15. Dr. djillali bozoinh, University Professor/Algeria
    16. Dr. Habib Adami, Professor/Algeria
    17. Sheikh Sadeq Abdallah Abdel Majid, an Islamic preacher/Sudan
    18. Sheik Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Prince of JI/Pakistan
    19. Prof. Boudjemaa Ayad, businessman/Algeria
    20. Mr. Tawfiq amiable bolus, businessman/Lebanon
    21. Dr. Jassem bin Mohammed bin Muslim Al-Yassin, a sleazy/Kuwait
    22. Dr. Gamal Sultan, editor-in-Chief of Al-Manar new/Egypt
    23. Mr. Jameel Mohammed Ali, a businessman/Saudi Arabia
    24. Dr. Harith Al-Dhari, an Islamic preacher, Solomon/Iraq
    25. Sheikh Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki, an Islamic preacher/Pakistan
    26. Shaykh Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Emir of the Group call/Pakistan
    27. Mr. Nader, Secretary General of the Salafi movement/Kuwait
    28. Sheikh Hamed Al-Ali, a University Professor/Kuwait
    29. Sheik Hijazi Al Wadia, an Islamic activist/Palestine
    30. Sheikh Hassan Moussa, head of the Swedish Council of imams/Sweden
    31. Mr. Hussein rawashdeh, writer and journalist/Jordan
    32. Dr. Hussein Bin Mohammad machhour Al-hazmi, a University Professor/Saudi Arabia
    33. Sheikh Hussein Omar Mahfouz bin Shuaib, editor-in-Chief of Forum/Yemen
    34. Sheikh Hussein Mousa Hussein, an Islamic preacher/Eritrea
    35. Sheikh Hamdi Arslan, teacher at Fatih Mosque/Turkey
    36. Sheikh Hamoud bin Abdul Aziz Al-tuwaijri, an Islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
    37. Dr. Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al-daweesh, Professor/Saudi Arabia
    38. Sheikh Khader Habib, an Islamic preacher, Palestine
    39. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Mohammad, an Islamic preacher, skipper/Qatar
    40. Mr. Abdel Wahab, a member of derbal Renaissance movement/Algeria
    41. Mr. RABAH Underwood, businessman/Algeria
    42. Mr. Rashid misfer Al Zahrani, an Islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
    43. Sheikh Rashid Haj, Amir JI/Sri Lanka
    44. Shaykh REDA Ahmed Hamdy, an Islamic preacher/Thailand
    45. Sheik Ramadan Mohammed Nur, an Islamic preacher/Eritrea
    46. Sheikh Zakaria Cisse, preacher and lecturer in krmsar/Senegal
    47. Mr. Zaki Saleh Al nahdi, an Islamic preacher/Indonesia
    48. Sheikh Sajid Ali, leader of the Islamic movement/Pakistan
    49. Dr. Salem Al-Sagaf jiffri, head of the Indonesian Commission for the defence of the Afghan people Director of the Advisory Board of Sharia/Indonesia
    50. Sheikh Salim Abdel Rahim al-barhian, an Islamic preacher/Kenya
    51. Dr. Sami Rashid al-Janabi, an Islamic preacher/Iraq
    52. Dr. Saud bin Hassan Mukhtar, a University Professor/Saudi Arabia
    53. Mr. Saeed Morsi, Islamic green/Algeria
    54. Dr. Saeed, President of the College of Imam Shafi'i/Comoros
    55. Dr. travel bin Abdul Rahman Al-hawali, an Islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
    56. Shaikh Salman Bin Fahd, an Islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
    57. Dr. Sulaiman bin Saleh Al-rashudi, businessman/Saudi Arabia
    58. Mr. Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al-Issa, a businessman/Saudi Arabia
    59. Sheikh aurally, leader of Jui (Special)/Pakistan
    60. Mr. Boutros-Ghali, an Islamic preacher/Senegal
    61. Shaykh Shah Ahmed Noorani, leader of the Jamiat Ulema Pakistan, Senator/Pakistan
    62. Mr. Shaher bin Abdul Raof batterjee, businessman/Saudi Arabia
    63. Sheikh Sharif Hussein, Imam and preacher of the mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab/Australia
    64. Sheikh Imran bin Abdul Rahman Manai, an Islamic preacher/Bahrain
    65. Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Limo, Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Muslim organizations/Nigeria
    66. Prof. Sheikh, an Islamic activist Diane, PMP/Senegal
    67. Sheikh Saleh bin Othman Al-Ghamdi, businessman/Saudi Arabia
    68. Mr. Saleh Ali Saleh, an Islamic preacher/Eritrea
    69. Dr. Tarek Saleh Jamal, Professor/Saudi Arabia
    70. Dr. Tarek Abdel Halim, Director of Dar Al-Arqam/Canada
    71. Dr. Taher Ahmed Loulou, an Islamic preacher, Palestine
    72. Sheikh Taher Mahmoud Guelleh, Director of radio Koran/Somalia
    73. Sheikh Adel Al-Sheikh, an Islamic preacher/Bahrain
    74. Dr. Adel Junaidi, an Islamic preacher, Hebron, Palestine
    75. Dr. Ayesh Al-Kubaisi, an Islamic preacher/Iraq
    76. Sheikh Abd El bare zamzami, an Islamic preacher/Morocco
    77. Sheikh Abdel Hay Amor, an Islamic preacher/Morocco
    78. Mr. Azzedine bulldozer, businessmen/Algeria
    79. Dr. Ali softweare VMA, Professor/Yemen
    80. Sheikh chiefs patience, Chairman of the Council of Ulama Indonesia/Indonesia
    81. Mr. Solomon's return Abu Mustafa, an Islamic preacher, Palestine
    82. Dr. Awad al-qarni, a former University Professor and Attorney/Saudi Arabia
    83. Shaikh Salahuddin akendili, an Islamic preacher/Nigeria
    84. Mr. Issa, an Islamic preacher/Senegal
    85. Dr. Ghulam Azam, Ameer JI already/Bangladesh 86. Sheikh Ghulam Rasool udani, President of the Islamic organization/Nepal
    87. the Sheikh Fatih launched a second, an Islamic preacher/pinyin
    88. Dr. Fatima Barash, Professor/Algeria
    89. Dr. Fatma Al kunaifis, Professor/Saudi Arabia
    90. Mr. Fayez Saleh Jamal, a writer and businessman/Saudi Arabia
    91. Sheikh Freih bin Ali bin Turki, an Islamic activist and editor Attorney/Saudi Arabia
    92. Sheikh Farid Al-Habib, an Islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
    93. Shaykh Fazlur Rahman, leader of the Jamiat Ulema Islam/Pakistan
    94. Sheikh Fahad Ahmed Mubarak Al-Thani, an Islamic preacher/Qatar
    95. Mr. Muhammad Muslim style, calling my months/Indonesia
    96. Dr. Mohamed Habib altgkani, a University Professor/Morocco
    97. Mr. Mohammad Rasheed Al Rasheed algebra, businessman/Saudi Arabia
    98. Sheikh Mohammed Rockies, Professor/Morocco
    99. Judge Mohamed Sadiq maglis, a University Professor and judge/Yemen
    100. Sheikh Mohammed Al-Awadi, an Islamic preacher/Kuwait
    101. Dr. Mohammad DIN Syamsuddin, Chairman of Muhammadiyah, Indonesia a society
    102. Sheikh Mohammed two olives, President of the Association for Islamic unity crushed/Indonesia
    103. Dr. Mohammed Sajid Mir Abdul Gayoom Mir, leader of Assembly of Ahl al-hadeeth/Pakistan
    104. Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Abdullah, an Islamic preacher, Pavel/Saudi Arabia
    105. Mohammad Suleiman slave, thinker, writer/United Kingdom
    106. Sheikh Mohammed Abdou Ibrahim Ali, Al-Azhar scholars/Egypt
    107. Dr. Mohammed Ayash Al-Kubaisi, an Islamic preacher/Iraq
    108. Mr. Mohammad Kazem Al-Sawalha, President of the Muslim Association/United Kingdom
    109. Dr. Mohammed Kurd, President of the League of Europe/Netherlands
    110. Mr. Mohammed Mbeki Alejandro, calling Islamic/Senegal
    111. Sheikh Mohammed, an Islamist writer/Morocco
    112. Sheikh Mahmud Idris became addicted, an Islamic preacher/Eritrea
    113. Sheikh Murad Yasha, an Islamic preacher/Turkey
    114. Dr. Musa bin Mohammed Al-qarni, a University Professor and Attorney/Saudi Arabia
    115. Dr. Nasser Al-sane, an Islamist preacher/Kuwait
    116. Dr. Nasser Bin Suleiman, an Islamic preacher/Saudi Arabia
    117. Shaykh Nizamuddin alshamizaei, an Islamic world/Pakistan
    118. Sheikh Noor DIN Yildiz, an Islamic preacher/Turkey
    119. Dr. Hashem Ali al-Ahdal, a University Professor/Saudi Arabia

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