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"Daash" in Syria that sells oil to 12 dollars per barrel.. And gas at nominal prices

Saw the threat "daash" and his loyal armed groups is a new development in economic security threat after the oil Ministry on oil smuggling illegally.

The great danger lies in the possibility to export oil "daash said, bumping many funding sources that will increase the combat capability and durability of persistence of their plans.

In the case of flop overshadowed on the world oil market, imposed by the events of the Iraq crisis unprecedented security after the militants control large territories of the country, mostly from oil regions or through pipeline oil pump.

Iraq has the world's fourth largest oil reserves in the world. The uncertainty caused by the global measurement rate increases to Brent North Sea by 10 per cent over the past two weeks, reaching $115 per barrel.

The oil has reached its highest in nine months, and is close to what is considered by many persons in the danger zone. And may undermine the price increase $10 growth from the us to China because of the high costs of transportation and production.

He warned the President of the Security Council, not to regulate "daash" of financing terrorist activities through the export of illicit Iraqi oil.

He said Council President delegate of Russia to the United Nations, Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, a very disturbing reports about the ability of the Organization to daash Iraqi oil exports and a huge funding for terrorism, warning of the consequences of daash was able to add money to the vaults through the illegal export of Iraqi oil.

The ability of daash on the sale of Iraqi oil is extremely worrying, because it adds to the vaults and feeds its ability to engage in terrorist activities, indicating that some States supported the activities of terrorist groups in Syria, while a different attitude towards the activities of the groups in Iraq.

He said that everyone knows that the terrorist groups working together.

Calling on the Security Council to be alert and cautious about the issue of illegal oil exports from Iraq and Syria.

He said with regard to Syria and Iraq, the capacity of the combatants to sell oil concern, in particular, note that this allows them to continue their terrorist.

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy, the former Susan Saad stressed that daash seeks to finance terrorist operations and oil smuggling and other methods as it did in Syria.

Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said the deteriorating security conditions in the northern regions, particularly in the provinces of Kirkuk and Nineveh have exploited the situation and terrorist elements targeting pipelines carrying oil through the tanks to be sold illegally and smuggled to the international market.

The Jihad that they targeted pipelines daash tanker of oil where the earlier target tube products in Baiji, in Salahuddin province and fresh bath area in the Ninawa governorate to deprive the North of oil products.

The oil smuggling that way threaten the country's economy and secure lines and pipelines and the prevention and targeting them and oil exploitation means of financing terrorist acts.

The flag of the Syrian Observatory for human rights to organize "Islamic State" (daash), sells crude oil traders, the price of 2000 pounds per barrel, or about $12, after its control over all oil fields, with the exception of the rose oil field wells in Deir ez-Zor.

Oil traders are also required to sell it at the price of 3000 pounds per barrel, equivalent to about $18, in an attempt to win popular support in the areas of influence, under the humanitarian crisis being experienced by the Syrian people in all regions, particularly in the areas of control of the "Islamic State".

The crude oil was sold to merchants between $30 to $50 a barrel, as controlled by the Corps and battalions of Islamic "Islamic State".

Sources for "the Syrian Observatory for human rights" to "distributed" gas cylinders daash citizens in control of the strategic city of Abu Kamal on the Iraqi-Syrian border, to the northern city of Aleppo, the Syrian-Turkish border in the North, with the exception of the Kurdish cities and Kurdish majority in the North of the town of Hassake and some Arabic villages in northern province and Al-Hasakah city and defeat, plus the city of Ain Arab uppalapati "Northeast of Aleppo, down to areas in the Syrian desert, in rural Eastern Hama and Homs, with space Territory controlled by the "Islamic State in Syria, more than five times the size of Lebanon, contiguous with areas controlled by the" Islamic State in Iraq and Syria."