Direct economic reforms III

25/8/2014 12: 00 am
Yasser Metwally

So the economic approach of the new Government will be recognized by the Constitution as a free (market economy), what are the most prominent and important requirements for this course?

As to facilitate smooth flow of this approach the Government define its role and admin and on the economic performance, meaning that they leave everything related to productive activities and the implementation of projects and set up companies and outsourcing to the private sector would not diminish their role in development as long as it is planned and implemented projects for Apple make them better able to guide the economy.

Then it's no (Government) will be in accordance with its stated on the Iraqi State on the bases and global specifications and testing by our experienced States of institutional construction conditions proper to exclude redundant loops and the Government and the country's budget and make it more capable of providing the services and the proper planning of the country.

the restructuring of State enterprises have become absolutely necessary but cannot be achieved only by means of a rising economic States through privatization approach facing violent opposition here at home the question how We can build institutions without relying on these methods in solution?

This is the challenge facing the new Government first needs to find formulas shall be designed according to requirements of the compressor with high unemployment rates and how to handle things,

in other words the privatization system can deal with these challenges to ensure the rights of total employees redundant and non-productive labour and this is the case, where a number of experts believe that with privatization in four increments may not Years ahead.

authorized task looks harder than some might think but on the horizon, steps on the road included crossing safely, minimizing transaction losses if the Government was able to design the sober approach preserves the rights of many who might be lltathr with privatization, however experts believe that the correct path of development cannot be achieved without the adoption of privatization.

here lies the problem as portrayed by experts in the culture of relying on the State for everything since the market economy rule out kidney support and far from this culture, it is impossible to convince The vast majority of such procedures and to start from scratch with the culture market.

Privatization alone is not enough to achieve the reforms but more actions to overcome the impediments and other methods is the special corporate governance and management in the modern perspective in force internationally and this method hwalakhr need appropriate legislation to private companies and the public sector of requires facts excluded from privatization in General, of the responsibility for these transformations? : Required the Government to think carefully about the steps for achieving the desired economic reforms.