An invitation to learn from the experiences of foreign banks operating in Iraq

Baraa Afif

Economists called the need to expand the scope of work of branches of foreign banks in Iraq, not to keep her confined to the remittance of foreign companies operating in the country.

And the Director of the Association of private banks said Abdulaziz goldfinch in his radio free Iraq "the Government should take advantage of the presence of branches of foreign banks in Iraq to provide financial support to large and medium-sized enterprises and thus support and development of the Iraqi economy."

While the stressed Director of financial management and planning in the Ministry of finance, Helal altaian need to learn from the experiences of foreign banks operating in Iraq, and integrating its work with Iraqi banks, for the development of the banking sector in Iraq.

In the same context he drew, a former advisor to the Central Bank of Iraq Mohammad Saleh appearance to "the foreign banks operate under a liberal regime requires a revitalization of the financial subsidiaries in Iraq by creating an Association of foreign banks operate in coordination with the Association of banks of Iraq, stressing" the need to support and not discarded to not return Iraq to the cycle of economic isolation from the world."

The 18 foreign banks operating branches in Iraq, most banks from the region: Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, and the European banks to open branches in Iraq to facilitate the work of their companies, but security security conditions prevented it.