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Thread: The central reason for the new payments system

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    English Bob,

    The short answer is that the present value is about to change.
    You'd have to read his whole 10 part series on the SDR to understand his complete theory. Regardless if you agree with it or not it's worth the read as it is very well researched.

    The present value, or composition (get use to this term) of the SDR is determined by only 4 currencies. They are the U.S. dollar, the Euro (think basket of currencies micro pattern), Japanese Yen, and the British Pound (the old girl just won’t quit).

    With the implementation of the 2010 I.M.F. Code of Reforms discussed in part one of this series, this composition is about to change. The currencies of the BRICS countries will soon be added to this composition, along with other major economies. Perhaps Vietnam will be added to the composition.

    The weights used to determine the value of each composition will also change. These changes will consist of the economic fundamentals, such as GDP, as well as other metrics, like human development, ecological sustainability, concentration and diffusion of assets and income, as well as the demographics of populations. Research each of these and apply what you learn to the overall social and humanity programs being injected into school curriculums. Remember the micro and macro patterns which endlessly weave through everything.
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