SUNDAY 0.04 2 DECEMBER / JANUARY 2015 13:21 H / P P L

Twilight News Council Maysan province in southern Iraq, Sunday, he approved a plan to maintain projects for the current year 2015 amounting to about 600 billion dinars, while he hoped that the federal government regardless of the petro-dollar allocations / said.
He said council member Mohammed Hoaa for "Twilight News", "The provincial council approved a conservative plan for the current year by about 600 billion dinars for the implementation of the province which have not been implemented over the past year due to projects not to ratify the budget."
"The provincial council suspended hopes that the Federal Government shall exchange all financial allocations within the petro-dollar project, especially since the province suffer from significant negative consequences for the production of oil and gas on civilians."
Iraqi Council of Ministers and endorsed last month on the budget year 2015 by 125 trillion dinars and calculating the sale price of oil on world markets to $ 60, is scheduled to begin next Wednesday Parliament second reading of the bill.[/th]